Flat Top Shelters



  • Steel door with spring assist (3’10 x 2’2”)
  • 6” vent
  • 4” wall thickness
  • 10-year warranty on most installations. Ask for details.

* Note: this shelter is commonly used on new construction with entrance from inside the new building. The number of vents and locations may vary.

Occupancy based on FEMA 320/361 publications and ICC-500 International Building Code. These occupancy ratings are set forth by these publications for building code and personal safety. They are not a direct reflection of the actual maximum capacity. We recommend complying with these standards for your personal safety.

Other fees may apply. Call us for details.

Available Sizes & Pricing

Model Occupancy Interior Size Installed:
Cash Discount**
Regular Price
FT57 7-9 Person Person 5' x 7' x 6'1" $4430 $4785
FT6810 13-18 Person Person 6'8" x 10' x 6'1" $6600 $7130
** Cash Price Includes: Cash, Check, Certified Check.
(Installed includes local delivery, dig, set, coating, & backfill.)